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Support of Top Cryptocurrencies. Send Fiat directly to bank accounts. Enter the future of payment now with Aave Pay.

ETHLend BAIJI Release has Arrived on Mainnet!

You can now borrow against BTC & DAI stablecoin!
USE AAVE - For You
Directly use your Aave wallet with all our services
Borrow against your cryptocurrency in a peer-to-peer marketplace.
Use your cryptocurrency to pay every private expense.
Open a programmable IBAN payment account for yourself or your project.
INTEGRATE - For Your Business
Use our powerful APIs to integrate with your products and services
Allow users to borrow against cryptocurrency and digital assets straight from your user interface
Aave Pay
Allow your customers to pay with cryptocurrency and receive money straight to your bank account
Aave Lending
Originate cash loans to your borrowers against cryptocurrency and digital asset collaterals
BUILD - Tools for Developers
Build things on top of ETHLend Tokenized Debt Protocol
Aave SDK
Build on top of the Aave ecosystem
Add incentives model for your decentralized application
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