Aave Clearing is an over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency clearing service for institutional investors and businesses.
Aave Clearing has all capabilities to support your transaction, clearing and settlement needs.
Liquid Market
Aave streams the liquidity from several sources and takes the counterparty risk for each transaction. You can now trade large blocks without affecting the market price.
Tailored Distribution
Aave Clearing provides an easy to use user interface or an API connection for requesting quotes to exchange cryptocurrency to traditional currencies.
After the KYC/AML on-boarding procedures, you are able to request quotes and execute transactions.
Unlisted Assets
Access to diverse asset classes not listed on standard exchanges.
Zero Commission
Aave steamlines prices depending on the counterparty risk without adding commissions.
24/7 Available
Request quotes at any time. The market is always available and so is Aave Clearing.
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